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All PML warehouses have been designed to feature the latest technology to create the optimum environment for temperature-sensitive goods and no break in the cold chain.

The 64,000 sq.ft warehouse at Heathrow includes vacuum cooler, blast chiller and freezer facilities, in addition to pallet invertors to expediate the swift transfer of air cargo from a standard pallet onto a CHEP pallet, ready for onward delivery.

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PML’s multi-head packaging machine at Heathrow delivers unrivalled speed and efficacy, doubling the rate of packing for a range of products, allowing us to counteract any potential disruption to the original onward transport schedule.

The dual x-ray Astrophysics X-Ray scanner at Heathrow enables PML to undertake its own in-house security. All employees who use this equipment are security trained and undertake weekly audits of all the processes and certifications required to ensure compliance with the Civil Aviation Authority.

PML’s metal detection scanner technology has proved beneficial in further improving the screening of meat and other temperature-sensitive exports handled by PML.

We are highly experienced in the transfer of consignments from traditional pallets to create the aluminium cargo pallet (PMC pallet) used for transporting export air freight consignments around the world.

We have the technology and expertise to manage the temperature of a wide range of perishable goods.

With so many years’ experience of working with Defra, PML understands the exact requirements of an inspection and offers a clean and tidy dedicated space at all three of its UK sites.

PML has the capacity, as and when required, to relabel a consignment prior to its onward transfer.

An overriding commitment to quality control is at the heart of all our operations and is always the primary consideration.

The transfer of goods directly from one mode / form of transport to another, without instigating the need for storage, is a regular feature of the PML service.


PML enjoys an excellent track record for delivering an exceptional standard of freight service to its customers, by air, by road, by sea.


PML Kent is a newly created transport and logistics hub which extends to 220,000 sq.ft in in total and incorporates a 44,000 sq.ft warehouse.