PML London. Next door to Heathrow, the UK’s biggest transportation hub

PML is headquartered at London Heathrow which represents the company’s birthplace, providing an efficient and seamless gateway to the world.

PML London services offering

PML’s London 64,000 sq.ft bonded warehouse is a secure space in which goods liable to import duty and VAT are stored.

Heathrow offers frozen, chilled and dry storage with pallet invertors to expedite the swift transfer of cargo from a standard pallet ready for onward delivery.

We have the technology and expertise to manage the temperature of a wide range of perishable goods.

We are trained experts so handling your goods is just part of the daily routine. As it comes into any of our sites breaking down a pallet, moving goods to be cleared or checked is done with care.

PML’s multi-head packaging machine at Heathrow delivers unrivalled speed and efficacy, doubling the rate of packing for a range of products, allowing us to counteract any potential disruption to the original onward transport schedule.

PML has the capacity, as and when required, to relabel a consignment prior to its onward transfer.

PML’s metal detection scanner technology has proved beneficial in further improving the screening of meat and other temperature-sensitive exports handled by PML.

We are highly experienced in the transfer of consignments from traditional pallets to create the lightweight aluminium cargo pallet (PMC pallet) used for transporting air freight.

PML London on Google maps

Unit 4, Skyport Heathrow, Armadale Road, Feltham, Middlesex TW14 0LW


PML has invested in the very latest technology to create bespoke warehouse facilities at its Heathrow, Kent and Spalding sites.


PML Kent represents the perfect destination to enable the efficient movement of goods both into and out of Europe.