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Whatever the consignment, PML offers access to a best-in-class freight transfer service.

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Our comprehensive range of freight services includes:


PML’s in-house charter air freight service avoids Brexit disruptions to seaport trade and offers a viable air alternative for importing goods that are temperature sensitive and require temperature-controlled transport and storage into the UK.

PML puts all the necessary checks and correct paperwork in place, to ensure a smooth transit. As established experts in handling the increasingly complex customs clearance requirements at all UK ports, including Dover and Portsmouth. We also have our own DEFRA/HMRC approved Border Control Post (BCP) at Heathrow, Kent, and Spalding and an ERT bonded warehouse in Spalding, to facilitate a speedy transfer.

Moving freight from one trailer to another is handled with ease at PML’s Kent and Heathrow transport and logistics hubs to enable safe and time efficient loading and offloading of cargo.

Providing a timely and efficient service is critical to our success which is why we operate with total transparency, allowing our customers to track their consignment at all times to check its status. All PML lorries are equipped with tracking devices and we also provide clients with access to our dedicated Sea Freight and Air Freight boards.


PML has invested in the very latest technology to create bespoke warehouse facilities at its Heathrow, Kent and Spalding sites.


PML’s venture with FreshLinc at Spalding allows them to operate a remote HMRC / DEFRA approved Border Control Post (BCP) and ERT (bonded warehouse) facility.