PML provides clear pathway for success.

Weronika Szlachta was just 20 years old when she first joined PML.

Originally from Poland, Weronika first heard about opportunities at PML via her sister, who has now been in the business for nine years. On her recommendation, Weronika applied for a job in the warehouse at Heathrow, helping out with picking and packing fresh produce.

After just one week, Weronika was offered a more office-based position in the labelling team, principally creating labels for produce that was bound for one of the UK’s top supermarkets.

Having arrived at PML with no previous experience, Weronika was provided with on-the-job training for the role in the labelling room, where she worked t for two years.

After this, Weronika progressed to an administration assistant position, dealing with the orders being handled on behalf of the same major supermarket. This involved preparing instructions to ensure each order was fulfilled accurately, tracking the progress of each order and all the associated emails and client liaison associated with the seamless transfer of goods from the warehouse to the required client sites.

Having proved herself as a strong administrator, with a great attention to detail, Weronika was keen to seek out a new challenge within PML, this time working in the imports team. She originally applied for a role within the road freight department but instead was offered a position which represented greater exposure to the wider world of logistics, incorporating extensive client liaison alongside the important task of customs clearance.

A comprehensive on-the-job training programme began which spanned a whole month, igniting Weronika’s passion for working in imports. As a fully qualified Imports Clerk, Weronika works as part of a team of four, reporting into the Imports Manager.

As she heads towards her second anniversary in the department, Weronika couldn’t be happier. And her accomplishments in the role have not gone unnoticed, with Weronika recently travelling to PML’s Kent  travel and logistics hub to pass on her knowledge to the new recruits – and ultimately train them to understand best practice.

Weronika explains, “I really like my new role. It’s interesting, there’s always plenty to do and I learn something new every day. It has provided me with the opportunity to learn about the world of supply chain logistics and has triggered a genuine interest in problem solving! No two days are the same, so I get to take on a variety of responsibilities and have had to hone my skills in multi-tasking, an aptitude that is key to success in this position. PML has been very supportive in not only offering me my first job in the UK but then providing a clear pathway for career progression. When I first arrived from Poland I had no expectations that I would be able to find my career calling. I was grateful to find a job but PML has opened my eyes to all sorts of opportunities within the company and my managers have always been proactive in helping me to identify new challenges within the business.”

Based at PML’s Heathrow HQ, Weronika now has her sights set on working her way up the ladder within the imports team. And with her own sister having travelled a similar journey – working first in the warehouse before moving into the import division and eventually becoming a manager – Weronika has a clear blueprint for success!