Richard Hoyte wins FPC Fresh Awards Manager of the Year!

On Friday evening Richard Hoyte was presented with the FPC Fresh Awards for the Manager of the Year at London’s Old Billingsgate.

Presented on stage at the award event Richard collected his well-deserved prize.

The presentation for Richard:

Richard has been with PML for ten years and has quickly proved himself to be a major asset to the business. His hard work, dedication and commitment to excellence have delivered substantial tangible results and his continued focus on innovation and improvement have established him as a highly valued member of the team.

Specifically, we’d like to draw attention to Richard’s following outstanding achievements:

  • Richard successfully navigated PML’s packhouse (which handles between 6,000 – 12,000 cases per day) to achieve recognition under the BRC Global Stand for Food Safety Certification, issue 7 and most recently issue 8. Thanks to Richard’s diligence and unwavering high standards for the last two (unannounced) audits, the company has secured an AA+ rating (the highest accolade possible) with just 3 minors on each audit. The updated issue 8 standard takes into consideration new risks and revised legislation and practices intended to improve food safety and PML has been very quick to secure this latest certification, largely due to Richard’s drive to ensure PML’s packing facility is always leading the field

  • Richard’s leadership in the packing facility has enabled the company to improve productivity in this critical area of the business which in turn has triggered a reduction in the number of personnel required to successfully run the operation. This has resulted in an associated positive outcome for PML’s customers since there has been a notable reduction in rate increases

  • Richard has drawn upon his knowledge and experience to research and introduce new ideas and new equipment / new machinery to further enhance productivity and enable departments to work seamlessly, ultimately improving the supply chain

  • Richard’s natural positivity and passion for the role, combined with a flair for galvanising and supporting his colleagues have created a fantastic close-knit team whose enthusiasm and motivation is second to none

  • Richard has worked hard to develop his staff to help them realise their full potential within the business. He is a strong advocate for internal promotion and has therefore created a positive culture within his department, mapping out a clear route for personal development and effectively demonstrating that progress up the ladder is possible

  • Richard has been responsible for the implementation of a dedicated QC department at PML enabling the business to add this facility to its portfolio of services to customers

  • In addition to maximising productivity, Richard is acutely sensitive to the need to keep department costs down and has taken practical steps to realise this goal.  He has taken the time to learn how to effectively maintain the machinery in the packhouse and is therefore capable of fixing any minor issues himself – minimising the need to call upon the services of an external maintenance engineer and the additional expense linked to this AND therefore ensuring there is no unnecessary disruption to customer orders

  • PML takes pride in its ability to offer a flexible service that fits around customer needs. Richard is an excellent ambassador for PML’s ‘can do’ approach. He always shows nothing less than 100% commitment to completing a task, even when last-minute changes are thrown at him, he remains calm and focused on achieving the desired end result for the customer

  • Richard is an inspiration to his staff. He sets high standards for the team but is never afraid of rolling up his sleeves and getting involved in a variety of tasks himself – from helping to pack, lifting boxes and driving the fork truck – to ensure that the job gets done on time and in budget. ‘If I want somebody to do something, I have to be able to do it’ is Richard’s mantra

  • Richard’s exceptional knowledge, experience and enthusiasm have allowed him to engage more with our customers in relation to their specific contract requirements. This liaison role effectively frees up members of the senior team who are able to focus their efforts on higher-level activities

  • As part of his transport duties, Richard is responsible for keeping all the lorries in good working order, ensuring that insurance, licenses etc are up to date. He was involved in the introduction of the new lorries featuring the roller bed system which enhances productivity but also provides a safer working environment for staff

  • Richard is a genuine, highly likeable character, a true gentleman whose loyalty to PML is never in question. He embodies the company’s commitment to setting the benchmark for excellence in customer service and is an inspiration to not just his own team but to all members of the PML family

Richard’s role has been critical in developing PML’s supply chain to offer an improved service to its customers. With a staff of around 60-80, Richard has looked at the workings of each department and identified potential strategies to further reduce the supply chain – by introducing new equipment, machinery, reducing external costs etc – which provides PML with an even stronger selling proposition.

Any changes made have always been balanced with the need to uphold PML’s commitment to handling fresh produce with the greatest of care and to delivering a superior service. The safety and welfare of staff have also been central to any recommendations made by Richard, as evidenced by the decision to introduce new trucks featuring a roller bed system which represent a safer approach to loading/unloading goods.

The bigger picture 

As a leading force in the global transportation of perishable goods, PML is paving the way and establishing the accepted standard for best practice within the fresh produce industry and the packhouse/transport operations are an excellent example of this. 

Packing and transportation are obviously at the heart of the PML service and the company would have not earned its renowned reputation without demonstrating such a commitment to excellence in this area.

By maximising productivity and minimising expenses (both in terms of human capital and external maintenance costs), the operations that Richard oversees have greatly influenced the overall profitability of the company and been pivotal in enhancing PML’s supply chain offering.


Richard has worked tirelessly to support PML and we believe that this award would enable the company to demonstrate its heartfelt thanks for his exceptional loyalty, sheer hard work and unquestionable commitment over the last 10 years.