PML LTD = Business As Usual!

PML, the global perishable cargo specialist is reassuring its customers, that despite the growing impact of the coronavirus, they are still operating a full service to fulfil their important role in the continued supply of perishable goods.

Whilst the current travel restrictions are making for more challenging times, the company is working tirelessly to identify new channels and transport solutions to overcome any cancelled or rescheduled routes. Managing Director Mike Parr said, “Our message to customers is simple, if you can get your goods to us, we will do our utmost to get your products from point of origin to their destination. PML has an established 17-year heritage in the sector so our network of contacts is second to none. Where necessary we are in a position to arrange air freight services and even charter flights for clients if needed. Our robust crisis management policies are in operation and we are confident that we can work together with our customers to maintain the supply chain and ensure the continued transfer of their products.”

As ever, the business is doing everything to protect and safeguard the workforce and play its part in preventing the spread of the virus, in line with government recommendations. Additional measures that have been taken include: splitting shifts and allowing appropriate staff to work from home; quadrupling of the already stringent and high-level cleansing programme effort at all PML facilities; mandatory wearing of gloves for all packing and warehouse staff and the provision of cleaning kits to all truck drivers to enable them to clean down cabs, door handles and anything they touch before, during and after each shift. The recent roll-out of PML’s new fleet of lorries featuring the innovative powered roller bed floor system has further reduced the amount of direct handling / touching of goods by facilitating the effective loading and unloading of cargo by a single operator.

PML is a family owned business that provides logistics solutions across both import and export operations, moving perishable (and non-perishable) goods by air, by sea and by road.

If you have any concerns or would like to speak to us about how we can assist then please contact the PML team on +44 (0)20 8893 2666 or email